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The Long History of a new idea in a Short(ish) Blog Post…

BP1A Job with No Stress Leave.

My dad was my hero but I’m sure that’s a common thread among most daughters.

As an only child I wanted to do everything he did so I would switch from daddy’s little princess to wanting to be a boxer like he was just so I was with him. My mother on the other hand is a darker story I’ll keep for some horror story some day. So – back to dad.


He wasn’t the smartest, or some CEO of a Fortune 500 company. He was a Greaser. Yup. Official title was “Lubrication Officer”. I’m sure there’s dirty connotations floating all around on the one. It was for a very large Victorian company and his supervisors were always trying to get him to apply for a managing role. Especially once he hit fifty. He got bombarded with ‘time to slow down’ messages under the guise of ‘we value your experience’.

But he was having none of that. He told me how awesome his job was. There were four factories he had to run between, each with massive machinery. When someone needed the machine to be greased in a spot he’d be there, whack some on and then whistle off to one of the lunch rooms to play poker with the other greasers until he was needed again. He knew all the dark spots to nap in. He knew where the supervisors were and when they were looking for him so could tell someone he’d been called urgently to the other factory. Dad said that game was the best fun to have at work.

Hence he never required stress leave.

I asked him why he worked there. Didn’t he want to do something? Save the world somehow? No. Here was his Response:

There’s always a Discount Somewhere.

Dad told me the way he worked out where to apply for jobs was simple. He worked out what he needed, figured out who gave the best discount to employees and applied there. He said to a then 16 year old girl “You want to go to the show this year? I’m not paying. Get a job at one of the stalls.” So I did. Best advice ever. I got free entry, paid to be there and enjoyed whatever I wanted to on my breaks. I left with more money than I had spent – how many people can say that about the show!

I did this for all the events in town. Funny comedian doing a show? Be the usher. Get paid to show people to their seats, then sit in the aisles and enjoy. Leave that night having watched a great act with more money then when you arrived. Simple.


When I moved out of home I took it to the next level. I worked six casual jobs (and man I wish I still had that energy!) At the supermarket I got a discount on my groceries, at the ice cream shop I got hot dogs and ice cream and at the basketball – entry and drink. At the two restaurants I worked I got dinner after my shift. All this and was paid. Simple method, keep more of your pay by enjoying the benefits on offer.

That’s even how I ended up in banking for a decade. I got fee free accounts, learnt how to manage my money more wisely, enter into the property market and develop business plans. All this and I got paid for it at the same time. However, the stress didn’t outweigh the benefits so after a while I moved on.

Then I was shown Amway.

Please, don’t scream. Yes I have heard every story. No I’m not with them anymore. That’s not to say I’m telling you to not do it or leave them – if you use enough of their products it’s a good system. Like Woolies with benefits. Seriously if you don’t work for Woolies  (or Coles) how are you getting a discount on your groceries? You’re not getting anything from them are you? Aside from maybe their dodgy buy a billion dollars worth of groceries and earn enough points to get a $10 gift card…... Enough said.

I got into Amway for the Milo – the discounted price was PHENOMENAL. I have 3 full scoops of Milo in every coffee. I have 5-6 coffees a day. Maybe that was why I had enough energy for 6 jobs back then? I wish it would still work!

Anyhow, I didn’t like the toothpaste but still tried diligently to switch brand on most products. I only managed to like about three things so I gave in. Not enough benefit to pay ratio for me. It truly annoyed me though as given dad’s “work wherever you get benefits” motto I felt like I needed this. I hadn’t found this kind of passive income model before and it made sense. So I quit and rejoined 3 times over 10 years. Who knows? Maybe I’ll go back again. Is there still a good deal on Milo?

Let’s Try This Again….

After Amway came UnderCover Wear (lingerie and clothes) then Avon and Herbalife – I’m sure there is more in the past two decades but this #ScatterFish can’t remember them. I signed, got the discount then when I no longer liked – or had bought – all of the products I moved on.

My friend’s in the biz call it ‘KitNapping’. Some Direct Sales reps don’t like my kind of kitnapper. They only sign people who are serious about business.  I understand, I do. In reality only 10-30% of kitnappers ever make an order. This is because the kit itself is a fantastic discount ($XXX worth of product for only $XX) and may have the product they were after in the kit.

But to me, 10-30% is a good deal. I’m running a passive yet consistent game. I have businesses that cover the products I need to order at least once a month for myself or my household. I don’t want to be running around chasing numbers and harassing customers for orders. People stay and people leave. But I find more people do stay and have me as their consultant specifically because I don’t push. But more about my formula next time.

But Back to Dad……

My dad who nailed the art of working passively.

He was proud of me whatever I did. I will always love him. He understood why I signed on to ‘these business things’ that make the rest of the family scratch their heads. But hey – they are working 40+ hours a week to put food on their table. I might be doing a lot of things, but the majority of it is passive. I also work a part time job but that’s another story too.

Currently I have five businesses all strategically picked to cover my expenses of certain favourite products. I already know which three are next. See if you can find all five of mine (and the bonus actual non DS business) and comment below…..

Much Love





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