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The Living Brandly Formula

BP2It’s not that hard.

The businesses I have chosen are all companies with a good variety of products, which I personally need (or want) at least once a month. My number one goal with each is to achieve Level One ASAP.

My whole point in acquiring any business is to be able to buy what I want without eating into my family budget.


Not to become rich, not to quit my meditation sessions – just to do as dad did; work to get the benefits cheaper or better still FREE.

Level One

Remember, I’m an ex-banker. Numbers are my thing. So to work out what goal to set for Level One I have to calculate a few things.

  • What is the sum of costs? By this I mean monthly website costs, marketing, event hire etc. Work it out as an annual figure including your starter kit and then break it down to monthly. I ALWAYS choose the paid website option (even though I essentially work as a hobbyiest) because if I am honoured enough to have some like minded fairy soul sign with me I achieve Level One quicker with the bonuses.
  • What am I going to buy and how often? I don’t need mascara every month. But I need a monthly figure. So how many mascaras do I need in a year (and all the other stuff for that company like shampoo and lipstick etc), total it then divide to get the monthly figure. For my cosmetic/hair company I plan each monthly order like a crazy fairy with OCD. True story.
  • What is the minimum to do each month to get a bonus? Is it worth stretching my order or forget about it? Usually it isn’t. This formula isn’t designed to stress you. But if you’re only a dollar short on the other hand….

Add all of the above together. Yikes! I know, I know. Better get selling. Which brings me to….

How much do I need to sell in a month to get paid that same amount above?

Let’s take Jamberry for an example – off of each wrap I get $5AUD (I’m rounding folks PLEASE don’t comment it’s actually 5.38576249). So, how many wraps would I have to sell in a month to cover my above calculation for Jamberry? Twelve.

So for Jamberry, My Level One Goal a month is Twelve wraps.

Is There a Level Two?

Well, of course there is! Level Two is my favourite – it’s about Random Acts of Kindness (RAKs). Goodies for my Besties and a few extras too. Being able to see a stranger having a rough day, reach in my tote and pull out a present and say ‘here, this is just to make you smile.’ Then there’s my team members – they LOVE getting random happy mail!

You see, when you hit certain milestones or sales targets most companies give you free product in addition to the money bonuses. I hoard these. Especially exclusive items. I work out what’s mine or what’s possible inventory and then whatever is left is wrapped up and ready.

Ok. So it’s not always wrapped…. I am still a #ScatterFish remember. But it’s always there to make someone’s day ❤

The funniest thing about Level Two is when you get there all the goodies you give out lead to new customers which leads to more team members which leads to Level Three. Easy😉

Level Three

This is a savings account in which half of the extra money above covering Level One goes into. The funds in this account are ready for when the other businesses I intend on joining launch in Australia, or when some good deals on courses or marketing to enhance my business become available.

Simply put, Level Three is my ‘Next Investment’ Level.

This is also the level my husband loves. The other half goes back into the family budget. I really love knowing that my hard work has paid for my son’s karate or my daughters gymnastics. Even more so when I pay for date night ❤😉

Is This Your Why? Is That It?

No. Not really. It’s my method to keep moving, keep on track and pace myself. I’m not here to stress myself out and fall in a hole of depression when I don’t hit target. I’m not here to message strangers trying to convince them the NEED my product. I don’t trawl the local groups trying to be the first consultant in line to respond to a ‘do you know anybody who does…?’ type of question. However, due to my reputation as someone easy to deal with I do get tagged and even recommended. Whether or not it eventually ends in a sale I feel rather proud my friends and customers love me enough to think of me.

I feel I should mention not all of my businesses are hitting even Level One yet. But they will, and I will get there when the universe agrees the time is right.

My why, my end game; is to afford two big blocks of land.

One for us to run a self-sustainable farm with my miniature menagerie – a range of miniature animals like donkeys and goats. Or maybe to care for injured native wildlife. I have a thing for dingoes. I wouldn’t care for the snakes though – they can sod off. I would adore the possibility to have a Raven that I teach to talk. Or tame a fox. In case you haven’t noticed I love the ‘you wouldn’t keep that as a pet would you?’ type of pet. Anyone know where I can get a Unicorn?

On the other block I would build as many of those little houses as possible to be a place families can run to when the need to escape domestic violence. They weren’t around when my Nana needed a place back in 1928. She had to hide in a tin shed with my then two year old dad in Kalgoorlie, picking the cockroaches off of him while he slept. If I can help even just one woman avoid that scenario I would feel like I’ve really done something good.

So they are my why’s.  And Levels One to Three are my method to get there with structure, integrity and without hard sells.

Stay tuned to find out how to go about choosing a business that fits to you.

Much Love

Gaby @LivingBrandly



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