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Choose Your Own Business…

BP3But Where On Earth Do I Start?

I am careful to not overlap product lines as much as possible (for instance, three of my companies do stock one product in common) but unfortunately as companies grow this has become unavoidable.

So I generally stick to the core products and ask myself the following:

What are my five most favorite products?

Most companies have core lines of around a dozen products. I’ve seen people hop in with both feet over one – but why? If there isn’t at least five items that make you get all a flutter of the thought of getting them at a discount – or even better, FREE – then you are better off staying someone’s favorite customer. Move on.

Will I still love them a year from now?

Have you even known the company for a year? Or even the product? I’m sorry, I know people who have joined before even putting receiving their first order. While I admire their enthusiasm I can’t help but wonder on their business experience. It is true you can start any business with little to no experience. Enthusiasm is a wonderful thing. But the ex-banking business coach in me says no. Take your time. Please. Stalk the product. Stalk the company. Don’t stalk your potential upline though that’s a bit weird. Don’t get into a business that is something you’ve just seen once please. Infatuation isn’t just a human thing. Infatuation happens in business too. Make sure you LOVE your company, not just want to let it sleep over once or twice…

Is this company open to running at the same time as other companies (some aren’t)

Do not, I repeat, do not sign up to a company before reading their terms and conditions people. I know they are long, tedious things to read and personally I would rather be out riding my unicorn but seriously – sign and you are already breaching something? Fork out hard earned cash only to be terminated a week later? Which would you prefer? I kitnap. I collect businesses. The last thing I want is a business I am about to sign with breaches something I have been working hard for in one of my other companies. Constantly fixing mistakes is working harder not smarter. Know what you can and can’t do, set yourself some reminders if you have to (Watch this line! Don’t post …..! Etc) and stay compliant.

Does this work within my business structure?

I do not gain a business to gain more stress and workload. I acquire something that I currently have to fork out money for but am yet to be rewarded. I don’t want my hard earned dollars going to Coles or L’Oreal. I want it re-invested in myself and my business. I want the perks, the discounts, the exclusive items and the freebies. So if it’s something I am yet to have in one of my businesses but works well as another jigsaw piece to me ‘the completed picture’ then I’m in. If it has pushy uplines, hard to attain targets or threats if you don’t do so much you lose your hard earned business I’m out. Simple.

How long would it take to achieve Level One?

Although you might not run your structure like mine, this is a big one. No one likes doing hard yards with no reward right? If Level One isn’t achievable in at least the first six months I feel it’s a drain on both my finances and my other businesses. I would end up spending too much time focusing on one when all of them deserve my attention in order for this formula to work in balance.

How About You?

How did you decide on what business to delve into? I’d love to know ❤

Much Love

Gaby @LivingBrandly



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