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Choose Your Own Mentor…

BP4The Story so far…..

Ok my lovelies, how are we tracking? If you have have read my last post (here) it was about deciding which one out of the gazillion DS/MLM businesses out there was the right fit for you. Did you know there’s even an MLM for shoes now? I’m not in it (yet…. LOL) but I’m just saying there is a business for everyone!

The next step is to find WHO to sign with. Please, I beg you, do not take this decision lightly.

Do not choose out of loyalty. Below are my tips on how to discern the right sponsor for you.

Be their customer first

I recommend at least two purchases. Wait, what? I already know I love the product – I got it off my sister-in-law that I’m not talking to anymore…. Shouldn’t I just search consultants in my postcode and sign with them?

No. Goodness no. You want to test this new business partner. When you purchased did they thank you? Did they do anything a little bit more special to make you smile just because you chose to give them your order? Did they follow up with you too see how you liked you purchase? What did they do to make you feel like they were the only consultant you would purchase through out of the thousands available?

If they didn’t treat you like a goddess – or at the very least a queen – for putting your hard earned dollars in their pocket move on. Start the process again. If they don’t treat their customers to a high level of service how do you think they would treat their team?

Stalk them (not literally)

What is their tone like on social media? Are they pushy-pushy-buy-buy-buy? There’s a funny video floating around FaceBook where A guy walks out of his house and people are talking to him like they do on social media. The lady shoving her baby in everyone’s face as she walks past them is hilarious! But seriously, do they often say things on social media that make you feel uncomfortable? If you were sitting in a crowded cafe and they loudly said what they just posted as their status would it be a cringe-worthy shrink under the table kind of moment? Too TMI? Too political?

My dad taught me, when at work there are three things you NEVER discuss if you want to always look professional – Politics, Sex and Religion. Those topics always spark at the very least a cringe, at the worst a heated ranty debate which ends in lost friends and business.

I’m  no angel. I have political views, I am rather outspoken about sex and my religion isn’t mainstream. My tongue is bitten 50 times a day (at least). But I try. I do. I always try my best to keep a lid on my views to maintain a professional persona. My closest, in person, known me for years friends hear me. Networking and business friends don’t need to have that in their face on their timelines.

Find a sponsor who can be a mentor. Someone who remains professional. Someone you always feel comfortable talking to. The last thing you want is to sign with someone and two weeks later they post something that is so offensive to your core values that it makes you feel like you never want to have another conversation with them ever again.

Ask to join there team group

So they are great with customers, how are they with their team? If they are still new and have none, that’s still ok – what do they plan to implement when they have a team? Monthly meetings? One-on-One coaching? Don’t sign with someone who then goes AWOL. Again though, this leads back to the minimum two purchase as a customer rule. If they are good there, they will generally also be good with their team.

Either they are invested in you as a person or not. Be discerning and make sure they are after you as a team member and not just a sign to get you as a pay cheque then forget you existed. You matter. Always remember that.

Get them in on YOUR plan

So. they have checked all your boxes? Fantastic. Let’s move to the last step. By now you would have sat down and thought about your formula, the way you want to run your business (you can see mine here). Schedule a time to sit down in person or Skype/Zoom and go over it with them.

Your success is either aided or hindered by how they can help you. You want someone who can work with you at your level and structure their mentoring to match your needs. This is the perfect scenario.

There is no point signing with someone because they are your cousin if your cousin will be cranky every time you don’t hit the target she sets for each of her consultants in order to achieve her promotion. That would make for one heck of an awkward Christmas. It’s obvious someone like that is only interested in their rank and not yours.


This is the start of your business. Make your choice on what will make you flourish, not what will make you feel obligated just to keep the peace in the family/mothers group/neighbourhood. I heard a fantastic piece of advice in a podcast once, I just wish I could remember who so I could give them the credit they are due. They said in your diary, or anywhere you can easily see when you are working, always write NPIB.

Nothing Personal In Business.

There are days when you will be criticized (OMG I can’t believe you are selling that crap! etc). There are days when people or head office or Aus Post (you know it!) are going to stuff you around. There are days when you will have 200 rejections (people walking past you and ignoring your sunny disposition and charming smile at an event). But it’s not you that they are doing this to, it’s business you. Personal You gets wounded. Business You shakes it off a la Taylor Swift and moves on. Nothing Personal In Business.

Much Love

Gaby xx






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