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Selling Outside The Box

BP5Your Friends and Family Aren’t The Only People in The World.

When thinking of my products, I didn’t actually go to my family or friends first – that doesn’t mean I don’t sell to them – but they approach me when they choose to. I’m not a Facebook friend in direct selling who always adds you to random groups, fills your news-feed with spammy content and lands herself in Facebook jail once a month kinda gal.

I sell outside the box, and continue to do so. I welcome networking connections with various companies and small businesses and treat them with the same direct selling love and attention (and FREEBIES) that most consultants give their regular customers.

I Have a Commercial Mindset.

What’s a commercial mindset? Well, I think to myself not what type of person would love my product but instead what type of company would like my product. I am not talking about stocking my items on their shelves in a shop – as that is generally against most MLM guidelines.

I used to work with mortgage brokers in my old ‘day job’. This bought me into contact with various different parts of the mortgage industry. Home buyers, Real Estate Agents, Valuers, Bankers – the list goes on. When someone buys a home, the general gift they receive from the Real Estate Agent or Mortgage Broker is either some Champagne or Chocolates. When I bought a new car in 2014 I got a bunch of flowers (even though I preempted that standard gift and told the salesman I would prefer a full tank of fuel, but that’s another story).

People expect these things now. What used to be a surprised thoughtful gesture is now routine. People look at it and go meh. It is no longer the part that makes one agent or broker stand out over the others because they are all doing it. So what would?

Using Us.

A far more thoughtful (and lets face it trendy) gesture for someone buying a new home would be a diffuser with some blissful essential oils. Something Citrusy to really brighten their morning, or woody (i.e Sandlewood, Cypress) to make them feel cosy in their new home. Maybe there’s a house that’s a hard smell – oops I mean sell…. Have a diffuser you can whip out at home opens. Did you know scents like Jasmine, Vanilla, Ylang Ylang or Rose are aphrodisiacs? A love potion to waft through and make people fall in love with the house? Why not? Thank goodness this is typed. Do not ask me to pronounce Ylang Ylang…

New car? Well, that new car smell isn’t going to last forever… Did you know you can get car diffusers now too?  Instead of a bunch of flowers, a small bottle of them would last longer.

There’s so many commercial opportunities out there to network with.

Let’s look at Weddings.

I know the JamSisters are going to put their hands up here – but we already advertise to people planning their weddings you will say. We sell the Celebration Box, we offer to host a party for the bride so she can have her and the Bridal Parties Manis discounted! Yes, there are some great opportunities right there at the personal level absolutely. But most people only get married twice (that’s a stat). Think commercially. Who has hundreds of weddings? Wedding planners (or Elizabeth Taylor and Donald Trump 😆). If they love your product, they could add the Celebration Box into their costings as the gift they give the bride when they receive full payment for their services, complete with the manis and pedis for the bridal party (chosen by the bride of course). So many sales = Free Jams for them. Simple. Or the same type of refer enough and get free product deals with a make up and hair stylist consultants.

Another thoughtful out of the box gift would be to give the bride a pamper surprise. A bath bomb to chill out the night before the big day? Some yummy smelling body butter to feel divine and help relax those anxieties of all that’s going on perhaps? These are all items that a wedding planner could give a client that are low cost but show you really take care of your clients which would really make to stand out on a personal level.

It’s an Untapped Market.

I’ve just given you a couple of examples in my playbook, but there are so many more out there.

Why Would Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers or Wedding Planners and so many more want to Buy From Me?

Because I understand their industries. Because I know there are a multitude of them and they are constantly striving to offer their clients something that makes them stand out from the crowd.

When they give a gift from me, they aren’t just saying ‘hey, I really actually put some thought into this’ but they are also saying ‘I support my local work-from-home business friends who are working hard to provide for their families – this shows how much I care.’

And for most of them, considering they are a small business buying little gifts etc for their clients could even be a tax deductible (don’t quote me though –  always check with your local tax accountant).

Who have you worked with recently?

And how do you stand out from the crowd?

Much Love











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